Setting up the Music Space

Published: Dec 4, 2016  |   Category: Uncategorized

Today's topic on the blog is to discuss setting a suitable music study space in the home.     1.  Where to put the piano?    It's a big question isn't it!  A lot will depend on what type of instrument you have, whether it be a full upright or a smaller keyboard.  The number one suggestion made to students by teachers, is to put the piano in a place where others can hear you play.  Students can gain.....Read More

Composers & Kids Workshop

Published: Nov 19, 2016  |   Category: Uncategorized

It is a thrill to have my first blog post be about a workshop for creative play at the keyboard!  Today was the Composers & Kids Workshop with pianist and composer Andrew Harbridge.  This event was organized by the group ORMTA and the Canadian National Conservatory of Music.  Congratulations to all who participated and performed.  Your enthusiasm was obvious and I can't wait to foster your inspirations in lesson!  One of my favourite points was when Mr. Harb.....Read More