Christine McLean has been teaching music since 2002. Her experience started in private lessons and grew to include group lessons after years of training and experience with the Yamaha music program. 

After studying at Wilfrid Laurier University and moving to Owen Sound she was able to continue to refine her teaching style and took a neuroscience class to gain more knowledge in how people learn and process information. The result is a style that uses a variety of activities and styles to approach music and a strong ability to develop a teaching style to fit each individual student.

Christine likes to approach music not just as an enriching extra-curricular but as an exercise for the brain to help develop our skills. Music can be used as a tool for individual growth, developing one's individual learning style, inspiration, and to encourage creativity.  For younger students, it is a wonderful tool to strengthen active learning skills and prepare for school. The effects of learning music range from therapeutic and relaxing to building confidence and problem solving abilities.  The study of music taps into multiple skill sets that are often used simultaneously.  This building of mental strength can contribute to increased creativity, problem solving, self-esteem and more.  

Christine has experience teaching students with dyslexia, ADD, and autism.